Member Introduction

  • Japan Drone Racing Association


    Based in Tokyo, Japan, JDRA specializes in hosting drone races/tournaments, managing practices, setting up drone experiences, producing race drone fuselane, producing PV videos, aerial shooting work, and more.  

  • Korea Drone Racing Association


    Based in Korea, the Korea Drone Racing Association is a non-profit organization composed of individuals, companies and teams (clubs); it is a host of FPV drone races. KDRA aims to develop and vitalize drone racing, further the rights of drone pilots, hold international drone races in Korea and professionalize the sport. It also strives to contribute to the standardization of relevant laws and regulations, vitalize the drone academy, and thereby spread and grow the sport.

  • FPV Racing Mexico


    FPV Racing Mexico is the first and biggest organization in Mexico dedicated to promoting drone sports by holding competitions, recruiting pilots, hosting workshops and talks, and providing consulting services. 

  • FPVR


    A major FPV race host based in Australia, FPVR holds races of both national and international scale on a regular basis all across Australia. 

  • FRIL


    FRIL represents the association of FPV racers in Israel. It hosts races throughout the country as well as manufactures and sells FPV-related products. 

  • Drone Sports Canada


    DSC is a professional drone racing league that runs events in Canada and online through E-sports. It operates with a custom-designed drone race courses that are standardized, and uses a universal time trial system. 

  • Fatshark


    Founded in 2007, Fat Shark grew to become a dominant developer of FPV headsets, with 85% of professional pilots choosing it for use. Fat Shark aims to grow the sport by making it more spectator-friendly.

  • DR1 Racing


    DR1 Racing is a drone racing organization that combines elite pilots, epic locations and adrenaline-filled races into one high-octane sports league. It is most known for the DHL Champions Series which consists of six races held in worldwide landmarks locations.  



    Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems of China (AUVSC) is a nonprofit organization which promotes a Nonprofit Development Plan of General Aviation and Unmanned Vehicle Systems ("the Plan"). AUVSC focuses on R&D, manufacturing, voluntarily participated in by relevant government authorities, users and other organizations. It is co-sponsored by the China Guanghua Foundation, Beijing Gobetter Advertising Co., LTD and other enterprises in the unmanned vehicle systems industry. The goal of AUVSC is to actively promote "the Plan," the innovation of China's unmanned vehicle systems industry and improvement of the competitive strength of China's products in the industry. 

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