Member Introduction

  • Korea Conformity Laboratories


    Korea's leading testing and certification organization that has high-level research staff and state-of-the-art facilities. Through great change, innovation, and constant challenge, KCL strives to become a testing and certification organization of global standing.

  • Red Flag Drone


    A drone race organizer based in the Dominican Republic, Red Flag Drone hosts races regularly at a national scale. Its portfolio includes the Cybernetics Race PCSD, Team Black Sheep Power Race, Carrera Cibaco, and more. It also runs a store for FPV-related hardware called Fiebre FPV. 

  • Drone Sports Global


    Drone Sports consists of more than 30 members--engineers, software developers, pilots, developers of UAVs and professionals of mass sports events. In its team there are professionals of the Moscow Aviation Institute, participants and organizers of racing events such as the HD Drone Racing Champions Cup. Drone Sports itself is also the major and title organizer of Moscow Drone Festival, the central event for Russian Drone Racing. Aside from this its brand also includes MAI Drone School, the first fast-growing and professional school of drone piloting, which is currently the only school in the Russian Federation which has rights to give an official drone pilot certificate.Drone Sports' engineers and developers are engaged in the design of quadcopters for both racing and civil industry. The company is also constantly in contact with the best pilots of the Russian Federation and the CIS, and has established close work contacts with the Ministry of Sports, the Olympic Committee, the Ministry of industry and trade, the Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow, etc.

  • Hong Kong FPV


    HK FPV is a group of FPV Drone Racing enthusiasts promoting the sport in Hong Kong. Its main work includes race organization, gear review, and education on the science and skills needed to take part in drone racing.

  • Drone Racing Belgium


    Drone Racing Belgium was founded in 2015 for the purpose of hosting drone races and training sessions, expanding the drone racing community in Belgium and popularizing the sport. It is the first drone racing community established in Belgium and the nation's largest drone race host. Its most widely known races are DronePortal 1 and 2. Drone Racing Belgium also runs large-scale training sessions under permission of local governments, as well as drone races and demos incorporated into large expos and events.

  • ImmersionRC


    Based in Switzerland and China (Hong Kong and Shenzhen), ImmersionRC is a manufacturer and retailer of FPV equipment. It prides itself as a world leader in the market, and its products to be high-quality. It also has its own team, Team IRC Racing, composed of a selection of top pilots from around the world. On top of that, ImmersionRC sponsors individual FPV drone pilots, who in turn play an important role in product design and testing, ensuring that the products are perfected and fine-tuned to meet the needs of FPV drone racers all around the globe.   

  • DNT FPV Drone HK Association


    Founded in 2016, DNT FPV Drone HK Association initially began as an education group aiming to provide assistance to drone hobbyists struggling to build drones. Over the years it has grown to become the representative drone racing organization in Hong Kong, a collaborative group of FPV Chapter race organizers and pilots. Their many ambitious projects and businesses include working with local schools to provide drone safety education programs, as well as working with UK simulator developer Rotor Rush to create a drone simulator to be used for educational purposes. DNT FPV Drone HK Association has hosted a variety of races ranging from Tiny Whoop to FPV. 2018 will be their first year at IDSC.

  • MultiGP


    A professional drone racing league with currently over 20,000 registered pilots and 500 active chapters worldwide, MultiGP hosts frequent competitive gatherings and casual events within its extensive network. It provides tools, guidance, and community support to nurture its Chapters. It first attended IDSC in 2016.

  • Taiwan Drone Fighter


    A noteworthy drone race organizer in Taiwan, Taiwan Drone Fighter's main focus is hosting drone races and events for pilots as well as the general public, but it also works on drone-related educational projects (e.g. FPV drone racing curricula and training programs for beginners to advanced pilots) as well as online program development. 

  • MQRC


    MiniQuadRacingCol is one of the largest and most recognized FPV communities in Colombia. To date it has around 900 members from different cities of the country.As a community, it is dedicated to education in sports and to the organization of different events for the promotion of drone races, in addition to the constant search for sponsor brands and support from different organizations to potentiate the growth of both the community and the sport.

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